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LATEST VST MAC-PC (27.1.2015)

Software #1
LATEST VST MAC-PC (27.1.2015)

LATEST VST MAC-PC (27.1.2015)


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Active Data Studio 9.1.0

Software #2
Active Data Studio 9.1.0
Active Data Studio 9.1.0 | 226 MB

Active@ Data Studio (Live CD) contains a set of both desktop applications and a bootable image for booting up any system into a DOS or Windows environment. Whether you need to perform data recovery, data imaging, or to securely erase data, Active@ Data Studio allows you to run the utilities from within Windows or to boot a system up from a self-contained boot environment.
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HyperSnap 8.04.02 + Portable

Software » Portable Apps #3
HyperSnap 8.04.02 + Portable
HyperSnap 8.04.02 + Portable | 47.6 MB

HyperSnap is compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit releases of Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and their corresponding Windows Server editions.
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Sony SpectraLayers Pro 3.0.17

Software » For MacOSX #4
Sony SpectraLayers Pro 3.0.17
Sony SpectraLayers Pro 3.0.17 | MacOSX | 65 Mb

In SpectraLayers Pro 3, you can work with the individual sounds in an audio file just as if they were objects in a photograph. Make detailed repairs with precise tools. Move sounds around, reduce noise and clutter, increase clarity, or get totally creative and transform a sound picture into something new and different. The spectral editing experience is, literally, sound as vision. Transcend the waveform display and refine your vision with SpectraLayers Pro 3.
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Fox Samples Epic Drops WAV MIDI

Software #5
Fox Samples Epic Drops WAV MIDI
Fox Samples Epic Drops WAV MIDI | 213 MB

Epic Drops?€ from Fox Samples is a hot new series that had one goal: deliver drops that will make the dancefloors go crazy. This product contains 5 construction kits that each have that unique sounding drop that will make the crowd go wild. Those simple hooks will definitely get everyone hooked.
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Daemon Tools Lite

Software #6
Daemon Tools Lite
Daemon Tools Lite | 12.807 MB

Daemon Tools - small in size but powerful features emulator CD / DVD- drives - allows you to " pick up " any disk image , made ??by any program for copying disks ( eg , CloneCD), ie can work with what you want "disc" - even with the PlayStation. Likewise , this emulation is possible to " paste " Copy audio -CD disc or DVD- discs difficult.
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FGS Cashbook

Software #7
FGS Cashbook
FGS Cashbook Multilingual | 61.4 MB

Do you ask yourselves also every month where your crossly earned money remains? Rent, electricity, petrol, food, clothes and sometimes a visit to the cinema - there it is not so easy at all to keep the overview above the current expenses. The program "FGS-Cashbook" helps you thereby. Keep track of your expenses and control over your budget more effectively!
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AV Uninstall Tools Pack 2014.12

Software #8
AV Uninstall Tools Pack 2014.12
AV Uninstall Tools Pack 2014.12 | 143 MB

AV Uninstall Tools Pack a free package of tools designed to remove antivirus and security software. It includes tools for removing more than 40 antivirus and antispyware programs and firewalls firewalls. If you need to completely remove the virus, so he did not leave traces in the system, use the package utilities AV uninstall Tools Pack.
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Debenu Quick PDF Library 11.13

Software #9
Debenu Quick PDF Library 11.13
Debenu Quick PDF Library 11.13 | 89 Mb

Quick PDF Library is a powerful royalty-free PDF developer SDK used by thousands of developers for working with PDFs on all levels. Including a robust API with over 500 functions for use with C, C, C#, Delphi, PHP, Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP, PowerBASIC, Pascal and more, Quick PDF Library truly is the ultimate toolkit for project where you need to create, edit, secure, print, render, split, merge or manipulate PDF documents. The library is available in ActiveX, DLL and Delphi editions.
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Space Engine (7.1.2015)

Software #10
Space Engine (7.1.2015)

Space Engine (7.1.2015)

Space Engine | 960.72 MB

SpaceEngine - a free space simulation program that lets you explore the universe in three dimensions, from planet Earth to the most distant galaxies. Areas of the known universe are represented using actual astronomical data, while regions uncharted by astronomy are generated procedurally. Millions of galaxies, trillions of stars, countless planets - all available for exploration. You can land any planet, moon or asteroid and watch alien landscapes and celestial phenomena. You can even pilot starships and atmospheric shuttles.
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LATEST VST MAC-PC (6.1.2015)

Software #11
LATEST VST MAC-PC (6.1.2015)

LATEST VST MAC-PC (6.1.2015)


Camel Audio Camel Space v1.50.0.570 MacOSX HAPPY NEW YEAR - HEXWARS
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Black Flag (5.1.2015)

Software #12
Black Flag (5.1.2015)

Black Flag (5.1.2015)

Black Flag | WAV, MIDI | 637 MB

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ProNest 2012

Software #13
ProNest 2012
ProNest 2012 | 2.59 GB

ProNest - it's industry-leading CAD software / CAM for cutting, which allows you to perform advanced mechanized cutting. This software provides a single solution for all your needs, profile cutting, including plasma, laser, water jet cutting and oxygen. It is specially designed to help manufacturers provide a significant savings in material, significantly increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve the quality of the cut.
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CloneDVD 7 Ultimate v7.0.0.11

Software #14
CloneDVD 7 Ultimate v7.0.0.11
CloneDVD 7 Ultimate DC 27.12.2014 | 52 MB

CloneDVD is specially designed to meet users' up-to-date DVD-issue demand: clone DVD to DVD disc for safe storage; rip DVD to other video formats to be played on other portable devices; create DVD masterpieces out of collected videos/films; freely convert different video formats to avoid compatibility dilemma; make personalized slideshows through adding music or setting different transition effects.
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Aldec Active-HDL 10.1 (32bit)

Software #15
Aldec Active-HDL 10.1 (32bit)
Aldec Active-HDL 10.1 (32bit) | 244.3 mb

Aldec, Inc., announces the latest release of its mixed-language, advanced verification platform, Riviera-PRO 2014.10. This release of Riviera-PRO delivers speed and efficiency to the verification process by enhancing coverage metrics. Riviera-PRO has long supported UCIS-compatible coverage databases, and the latest release enables a new approach by linking requirements-based, user-defined test plan with coverage metrics.
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Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev13.1

Software #16
Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev13.1

Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev13.1 | 8.0 Gb
LMS, a leading provider of test and mechatronic simulation software and engineering services in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries, announced the latest release of its LMS Imagine.Lab rev13.1 software, the state-of-the-art platform for mechatronic system simulation and collaborative multidisciplinary design.

Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev13.1

LMS Virtual.Lab 13.1 for Real-world 3D Simulation

- Acoustics and Vibration
The unique high performance finite element model adaptive order (FEMAO) acoustic solver embedded in LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics software automatically adapts element order to enable full frequency range acoustic analysis on a single FEM mesh precisely and efficiently. LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics 13.1 also enables you to perform scalable noise analysis adapted to your product development processes. For aero-acoustic problems, LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics provides a high performance algorithm to handle terabytes of data produced by computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The algorithms integrated in LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics 13.1 enable more efficient handling of larger sets of CFD data and achieves higher accuracy of final predictions.
- Mechanisms
Coupling of multibody simulation (MBS) software - LMS Virtual.Lab Motion - and a nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) solver - LMS Samtech Samcef Mecano - enables accurate representation of nonlinear component deformations by accounting for large deformations and nonlinear material properties. LMS Virtual.Lab Motion 13.1 embeds a nonlinear FEA solver to accurately predict nonlinearity and enhances the 1D/3D real-time solution which provides accurate 1D and 3D simulation models for hardware-in-the-loop and driving simulators.
LMS Virtual.Lab Durability enhances CAE process integration with an editable text-based file that contains all model and solver job information. LMS Samtech Tea Pipe enables cost-effective material characterization of pipes and hoses.
- Automotive Process Integration
LMS Virtual.Lab Structures is an efficient and fully featured pre/postprocessing environment to perform linear, nonlinear and crash analysis on components, subsystems and full vehicles. The unique generic assembly environment allows you to create solver and attribute independent assemblies which can then be automatically fed to different solvers (such as Nastran, Radioss, Abaqus and LS-Dyna) and attributes (such as static strength, durability, crash and safety). Open and customizable, LMS Virtual.Lab software provides the foundation to automate and streamline vehicle assembly for noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), durability and crash.

About LMS

LMS is a leading provider of test and mechatronic simulation software and engineering services in the automotive, aerospace and other advanced manufacturing industries. As a business segment within Siemens PLM Software, LMS provides a unique portfolio of products and services for manufacturing companies to manage the complexities of tomorrow's product development by incorporating model-based mechatronic simulation and advanced testing in the product development process. LMS tunes into mission-critical engineering attributes, ranging from system dynamics, structural integrity and sound quality to durability, safety and power consumption. With multi-domain and mechatronic simulation solutions, LMS addresses the complex engineering challenges associated with intelligent system design and model-based systems engineering. Thanks to its technology and more than 1250 dedicated people, LMS has become the partner of choice of more than 5000 manufacturing companies worldwide. LMS operates in more than 30 key locations around the world.

Name: LMS Virtual.Lab
Version: (64bit) Rev13.1

Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8
Size: 8.0 Gb

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IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max 24.0

Software #17
IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max 24.0
IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max 24.0 | 86.41 MB

Easy to Learn & Use 2D/3D CAD - DesignCAD's intuitive interface and extensive online help make it easy to get started. Design 2D drawings fast and easy, and then create complex 3D shapes simply by extruding (pulling) them from your 2D shapes.
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nPower PowerSurfacing RE 2.0

Software #18
nPower PowerSurfacing RE 2.0
nPower PowerSurfacing RE 2.0 | 318.4 mb

nPower Software announces the new release of revolutionary product Power Surfacing - is an industrial design add-in product for SolidWorks 3D design software that significantly improves the design process for modeling organic, free form surfaces in SolidWorks.
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Serif PhotoStack v1.0.0.12

Software #19
Serif PhotoStack v1.0.0.12
Serif PhotoStack v1.0.0.12 | 190MB

Serif has launched a brand new all-in-one photo organiser, editor and library called PhotoStack. The software is deisgned to make it quick and easy to enhance, sort and share your entire photo collection.
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Elite Sounds Pop40 [WAV MiDi]

Software #20
Elite Sounds Pop40 [WAV MiDi]
Elite Sounds Pop40 | WAV MiDi | 469 MB

'Pop40 Repackage' from Elite Sounds combines the progressive sounds of Pop on the Top 40 Billboard charts and Urban music from the Top 40 charts. This repackage will give you infinite ideas for your Pop/Urban sounds and leave your competition non-existent - and this is just the first Volume of the series.
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MacPaw CleanMyPC 1.6.0 Portable

Software » Portable Apps #21
MacPaw CleanMyPC 1.6.0 Portable
CleanMyPC 1.6.0 Multilingual (x86/x64) Portable | 50.1 MB

Clean PC from unneeded files, system junk and application leftovers. Easy to use yet full-featured Windows Maintenance and Cleaning solution to clean PC.
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TomTom Europe v940.6004

Software #22
TomTom Europe v940.6004

TomTom Europe v940.6004 | 3.89 GB

TomTom Europe v940.6004

Great reasons to choose TomTom Navigation ***
Only the TomTom Navigation app offers all this:

- FREE Lifetime Maps. Always drive with the latest map and get to your destination faster. Download 4 or more full updates every year for the life of your app.
- Reliable arrival times at all times of day with IQ Routes
- The quickest routes through traffic, proven. Powered by TomTom HD Traffic (1)
- Fewer speeding fines with real-time camera alerts via TomTom Speed Cameras (1)
- Advanced lane guidance for extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions
- Spoken street names, helping you keep your eyes on the road. (2)

*** FEATURES ***
- 2D/3D driving view
- Clear voice instructions
- Fast route recalculation
- Multi-stop routes
- Eco Routes
- Navigate to contacts
- Search TomTom Places and POIs
- Automatic music fading
- Automatic day & night mode
- Car symbols
- Map colours

- AD, AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HR, HU, IC, IE, IT, LI, LT, LU, LV, MC, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, SE, SI, SK, SM, TR, VA, BG (58 %), CY (52 %), RU (51 %), UA (42 %), RO (16 %)

What's in this version:
Work in Android 5!

To work on tomtom KitKat 4.4 copy tomtom folder to internal memory only

Instructions :
1. Download all parts of your area.
2. Unpack anywhere.
3. Copy folder tomtom to your SD card.
4. Copy included .apk to your SD card.
5. Disable any internet connection in your phone (Put it into Airplane Mode)
6. Install the .apk
7. Launch the program. Let it load all it needs. Then close program.
8. Enable internet connection.
9. Enjoy!

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Siemens PLM NX 10.0.0 Linux64

Software #23
Siemens PLM NX 10.0.0 Linux64

Siemens PLM NX 10.0.0 Linux64 | 3.19 GB

Siemens NX - is a leading CAD / CAM / CAE system based on the best available technologies to create products of any complexity. The main objective of the system ultimately is to reduce the cost of product development, improving quality and reducing time to market.

Siemens PLM NX 10.0.0 Linux64

This enables companies in the short term return on investment spent on the purchase and implementation of Unigraphics. In Russia, Unigraphics has a strong position thanks to the vast possibilities of using the system in various industries (aerospace, engine, automotive, mechanical engineering, etc.) and the use of modern technology, providing the user the best solution in MCAD at all stages of product development. The success of Unigraphics in the Russian market confirmed by extensive user base, the success achieved by them as a result of use of the system.

Bit depth: 64bit
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: Present
System requirements: Linux 64-bit


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Siemens PLM NX 10.0 Linux

Software #24
Siemens PLM NX 10.0 Linux

Siemens PLM NX 10.0 Linux | 3.2 GB

Siemens PLM Software, computer software company specializing in 3D & 2D Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, has announced release of Siemens PLM NX 10.0, new version fully integrated computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) solution.

Siemens PLM NX 10.0 Linux

The latest version of Siemens' NX software (NX 10) includes new capabilities that deliver enhanced product development flexibility and up to three times higher productivity. New tools like the 2D concept development solution make it easier and faster to create designs, while enhancements to NX Realize Shape software, a fully integrated sub-division modelling environment, give designers more flexibility to produce unique shapes. A new optional touch-enabled interface provides expanded access to the full design capabilities of NX. And tighter integration to product lifecycle management (PLM) software, through Siemens' Active Workspace environment, reduces the amount of time spent searching for product information. NX 10 also includes multiple enhancements throughout the integrated computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) solution.

Increasing product complexity makes 3D modeling the preferred method of product design throughout the world. However, in some industries including machinery and complex electronics it is easier and faster to create initial design layouts in 2D. The new 2D concept development solution enables designers to explore concepts in 2D making it up to three times faster to create new designs. Once the design is finalized it can easily be migrated to 3D to complete the model.

Enhancements to the NX Realize Shape solution give designers even more control over geometry modelling to produce products with highly stylized shapes or complex surfaces. NX Realize Shape is based on sub-division modelling, a mathematical approach to creating 3D geometry with smooth flowing shapes, pioneered by the entertainment industry. The tool is seamlessly integrated with NX which helps shorten product development time by eliminating the multiple steps associated with using separate tools for freeform design and engineering development.

The new optional touch-enabled interface in NX 10 adds the flexibility of accessing NX on tablets running Microsoft's Windows operating systems. This makes it easier to use NX when and where needed to enhance collaboration and productivity. Combining improved access to NX with tighter PLM integration through Active Workspace, the innovative interface to Siemens' Teamcenter software, enables users to quickly find relevant information, even from multiple external data sources. Active Workspace can be accessed via the web on any device from any location.

NX 10 has a number of additional CAD/CAM/CAE enhancements, including the new NX CAE multiphysics environment which significantly enhances simulation integration by connecting two or more solvers to streamline the process of performing complex simulations. The multiphysics environment delivers a consistent look and feel for performing multiphysics simulations so engineers can easily build coupled solutions on the same mesh using common element types, properties, boundary conditions, and solver controls and options.

The new industry-specific capabilities in NX CAM help engineers program faster and machine higher quality parts. New dynamically-adjusted roughing strategies automatically adapt to part geometry to enable better mold and die machining. New automated inspection programming capabilities in NX CMM (coordinate-measuring machines) enable the use of PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) to create inspection scanning paths. This helps significantly speed up the inspection process compared to the currently available touch point method.

NX 10 also includes new production line design capabilities for automotive assembly manufacturing. The new line designer application enables engineers to design and visualize layouts of production lines in NX, and use Teamcenter and Siemens' Tecnomatix software to manage the designs, and validate and optimize manufacturing processes.

About Siemens AG

Siemens AG is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years. The company is active in more than 200 countries, focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world's largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is No. 1 in offshore wind turbine construction, a leading supplier of combined cycle turbines for power generation, a leading provider of power transmission solutions and a pioneer in infrastructure solutions and automation and software solutions for industry. The company is also a leading supplier of medical imaging equipment - such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging systems - and a leader in laboratory diagnostics as well as clinical IT.

Name: Siemens PLM
Version: (64bit) NX
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Linux
Size: 3.2 Gb

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ACDSee Pro 8.1.270 (x86/x64)

Software #25
ACDSee Pro 8.1.270 (x86/x64)
ACDSee Pro 8.1.270 (x86/x64) | 143 MB

ACDSee Pro 8 has everything you need to manage, perfect, and present your images. Carry out digital asset management and all the essential tasks of your photography workflow in one complete, amazingly fast solution. Achieve stunning results, stay organized, save time. ACDSee Pro 8 delivers total photography control.
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